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Founder & CEO of SMC | Host of Dental Marketing Theory | Fractional Dental CMO | 5000 Fastest Growing Companies | Contributing Author for American Dental Association


Meet Gary Bird!

CEO. Host of Dental Marketing Theory. Rocket Enthusiast.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s gearing up to grow your company or recruit top talent, Gary is your first call.

The founder and CEO of SMC National (featured on the INC 5000 list!), Gary is pioneering a new kind of marketing and recruiting strategy that emphasizes accountability, focus, and measuring data in real-time to produce predictable, stand-out results.

Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

Gary is not just a numbers guy. He also understands that professional success can’t be separated from personal growth and that who you are determines what you can accomplish.

Ready to take your development as an entrepreneur — and as a person — to the next level? Work with Gary.

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Gary’s Flock

When Gary isn’t working, he dedicates his energy to serving his family and his church. He loves spending time with those he cares about most and helping fellow members of his church community to thrive.

What is SMC?

A Dental Marketing Firm That is Addicted to Growth

Under Gary’s leadership, SMC offers a data-driven approach that lifts our clients — and helps make us the fastest growing dental marketing company in the world.

Gary’s work boils down to one big question: what kind of return are you getting on your current approach and what can we do to improve it? His answer: create a proven, step-by-step marketing process that gives you clear metrics and can scale.

Now, more than ever, the market for talent is competitive — so you need to step up your recruiting efforts. Gary is leading the industry in developing comprehensive, data-heavy recruiting systems that SMC uses to position your group at the front of the line for the best new hires.

What all this adds up to is that at SMC, Gary is building a team that can see the whole board. We can track everything that we’re doing, give our clients specific ROI figures, present detailed conversion or hiring numbers, develop client-facing or employer branding, and refine our tactics as needed.

We love to bring new patients through your doors — and doing this takes more than just throwing marketing dollars at a dartboard and hoping something sticks. Our team grounds our work in hard data, understands the nuances of the group practice space, and delivers concrete, measurable results. Not to brag (too much), but we’re now the fastest-growing company in dental marketing!

We’re leading the pack with a data-driven approach to dental marketing. You can’t scale your operations effectively without clear metrics — so that’s what we provide. Using inputs from your internal data and our own proprietary new patient tracking software, we can give you clear, measurable guidance on how to grow your marketing. The big takeaway: no more guesswork!

What’s the key to growth? A talented, capable team. We can help you build yours by guiding your recruiting efforts and developing your employer image. As marketing and branding experts, we know how to create an employer brand that makes you stand out from the crowd — and then put your listings in front of the outstanding candidates who can take your practices to the next level. Don’t let poor recruiting hold you back from growth!

If you’re ready to grow your DSO, you need a centralized website for your group as a whole that focuses specifically on recruiting, acquisitions, and branding. That’s where you connect with talent, attract potential new partners, and establish yourselves as more than just a haphazard collection of dental practices. We’re the rare marketing firm that specializes in creating websites for emerging DSOs — this is our wheelhouse.

Awesome video isn’t just about finding someone who shoots great content, but professionals who also understand the specific needs of both dental practices and marketing. Our in-house video team will travel to your location to shoot interviews with your team members, footage of your practice, and still photography — all designed to make your brand more dynamic, give you tons of great social media content, and help you stand out to potential new hires and patients alike.

If you want to build out your own internal marketing team, we can help! Our team can guide you through establishing an overall growth strategy, identifying specific milestones, and developing your marketing department on a granular, day-to-day level. You don’t have to go it alone — you can speed up your success by leaning on the experts who have been there, done that, and want to talk about it.

What is the Dental Marketing Theory Podcast?

Gary hosts the podcast Dental Marketing Theory, where he shares the best takes on dental marketing and recruiting, and interviews entrepreneurs and leaders in the dental community.

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Gary interviews heavy-hitters in the dental community, including experts in growth, recruiting, and marketing.

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What People Are Saying

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